About Us

                                                     OUR STORY                                        
We at Purpose Driven LifeStyle created this website, not just an apparel store, but really as a platform where anyone and everyone are welcomed to hopefully get guided to live a purposeful life of inspiration & motivation. I hope you are able to find the resources, tips and advice from our blogs to help you grow, as a person. I also hope you take time to look at our clothing & other products and make a purchase...knowing that you are helping give back. You are giving back in 2 ways: 1 we donate to organizations & charities and 2 your wearing great and comfortable clothing that sends out a positive message.
To find out more about our start and our story, as well as how we came to choose the American Diabetes Association as our 1st and main campaign - head on over to the Blogs section to read in depth.
                   OUR MISSION STATEMENT

We donate 10% of our net profits to the American Diabetes Association and we will soon add other organizations and charities to that list. We will actually get feedback & input from our customers, fans, and followers from Instagram, Facebook, & Youtube of what organizations/charities you would like us to donate too! By doing this, we are giving YOU - the customer a voice in helping to change and inspire lives! 
                OUR CALL TO ACTION
Purpose Driven LifeStyle seeks to inspire, motivate, and guide you to live a God centered life filled with: abundance, purpose & hope. We challenge you to take on our mission to live a life devoted to helping, inspiring, mentoring, and loving others in your community and the world around us. Help us do that today, by reading the great resources & tips in our blog, by sharing your story, and by purchasing your shirt or product. Together we change the world, one shirt at a time.